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This book is not a book about "tricks". It's a comprehensive guide that include instructions on how to plan ahead if you're in early undergraduate or high school. 


We'll walk you through our proven strategies for acing any interview format (panel, MMI, etc.) and walk you through our step-by-step strategy to answer sample interview questions. 


If you don't have an outstanding application, you will never be invited for an interview. Period. We'll teach you how to make all your application components stand out.


We go over the case studies of some of the most successful past applicants. They include a list of practicing MDs from top schools including Yale who share their "secrets" with you.


CASPer is one the most dreaded pre-interview tests. We'll teach you the same strategy we teach our students in our one-on-one consultation programs and walk you through some sample questions.


Here, we'll give you full access to several of our resources with additional tips and strategies for applications, CASPer, multiple mini interviews, and much more.

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About The Authors

This book has been written with the help of our senior admissions experts including medical doctors from top schools. Dr. Izu Ibe, H.B.Sc., MD - Yale Dr. Sebastian Heaven, H.B.Sc., MBBCh Dr. Natalie Lidster, H.B.Sc., MD Dr. Janet McMordie, B.Sc., M.S, MD Dr. Ashley White, H.B.Sc., MPH, MD Dan Wang, B.Eng., M.S, MBA, MD(c) Ms. Ronza Nissan, H.B.Sc. - Editor Dr. Behrouz Moemeni, H.B.Sc., Ph.D. - Editor Dr. Mo Bayegan, H.B.Sc., DC, MA(c) - Editor

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