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This book is not a book about "tricks". It's a comprehensive guide that includes instructions on how to plan ahead so you are fully prepared using our 17 proven key strategies.


We'll walk you through our proven strategies for acing any possible type of CASPer questions. This is the Swiss Army Knife we use to dissect any CASPer question. 


It's impossible for anyone to predict the actual questions. But it turns out most questions fall into 21 possible types of questions and we'll teach you how to identify them and have strategy for them on your test date. 


We go over 12 challenging CASPer scenarios each followed up by 3 questions and then we'll provide you with what would be considered a good versus bad response. We also teach you exactly how to create those good responses.


Once you have learned the fundamentals and have gone over our sample questions and answers, it's time to go over two sample tests that get you thinking on the spot. 


You'll get exclusive free access to BeMo's online community monitored by our CASPer experts to answer all your questions in addition to a sample realistic online test.  

Here's What Our Students Are Saying:

"BeMo's CASPer test guide provides a thorough breakdown of the CASPer test, with a focus on sample scenarios. This is one of the first guides I have come across that gives a really detailed breakdown of CASPer questions and responses- and the sample questions they provide are similar to what I have seen on the real CASPer test. Overall, it really helped me feel more confident answering CASPer practice questions and understand what the evaluators are looking for. Without giving too much away in terms of the contents of this guide, I'd say that after reading it, I better understand the purpose and the structure of the CASPer test, which in my case has made it much easier to approach." - Isidora

The simulations were 100% realistic, and the 1:1 feedback sessions were very helpful. Because the consultants were really knowledgable about the test, I learned a lot during the review sessions as well. The scenarios, of course, were different on the real test, but having developed a structure for organizing my responses proved to be invaluable on test day." - Michael

"Thankfully, I just graduated from my undergrad last month and got in to the medical school of my choice. I am extremely thankful to the BeMo team as they were always available to provide EXPERT support for all my pre-med needs, whether it be course selection, writing applications, interview prep, Casper prep or even general advice as to how to succeed in school and beyond. In my experience, I have found all of BeMo’s prep programs to be phenomenal and highly effective. For instance, BeMo’s platinum casper prep course not only helped me feel confident during the casper exam, but also equipped me with so much knowledge that is essential in an effective physician." - Naha

"Their CASPer prep was really good and showed me obvious things I would have never even thought about before speaking with a consultant. Would highly recommend if your top schools require this test!" - Jon

"Wonderful experience! I had signed up for both CASPer and MMI interview preparation with BeMo. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of content available online and how knowledgeable and helpful the consultants were. The consultants genuinely cared about my success and tried their best to help me improve my interviewing skills. I have been accepted to my number one school and owe it all to the BeMo team!" - Nasim

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"Thank you for your assistance in preparing me with the CASPer and MMI interviews! I wanted to let you know that I was accepted at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School! Please extend my thanks to the instructors who helped me prepare. Thanks again," - Jason

"Hi, I just completed my second CASPer simulation and I am looking forward to 12:30 appointment for feedback. Thank you for the opportunity of the simulations and feedback. Even before receiving the second set of feedback, I've noticed a huge improvement in my confidence and answers due to my first simulation and feedback session. I would highly recommend your company to my friends also taking CASPer next year. Thank-you!" - Julie

"I got accepted to UC Davis, Georgetown, UC Riverside (full scholarship - matriculating), Loma Linda, and UCLA. I’ve thus far recommended your site to anyone I meet." - Marysia

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"I was accepted to 5 out of 6! - F. Edward Herbert School of Medicine - University of Vermont College of Medicine - Cooper Medical School of Rowan University - Oakland University of William Beaumont School of Medicine - Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School" - Ada 

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"Thank you for your email. I'll be attending UCSD in the fall. Thank you for the support and resources!​" Jessica

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About The Authors

This book has been written with the help of our senior admission experts including former CASPer raters, former admissions committee members, and award-winning scientists.

Dr. Behrouz Moemeni, Ph.D., founder & CEO at BeMo
Ronza Nissan, M.A., admissions expert & lead trainer
Dr. Andrej Arsovski, Ph.D., admissions expert & senior scientist
Dr. Lauren Prufer, M.D., admissions expert
Dr. Helena Frishtack, M.D., admissions expert
Dr. Karim Wafa, M.D., admissions expert 
Dr. Jenifer Truong, M.D., admissions expert
Dr. Kyle Paradis, Ph.D., admissions expert 

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