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About The Authors

This book has been written with the help of our senior admission experts including former CASPer raters, former admissions committee members, and award-winning scientists.

Dr. Behrouz Moemeni, Ph.D., founder & CEO at BeMo
Ronza Nissan, M.A., admissions expert & lead trainer
Dr. Sarah Lynn Kleeb, Ph.D., admissions expert
Dr. Veena Netrakanti, M.D., admissions expert 
Dr. Kyle Paradis, Ph.D., admissions expert 
Dr. Andrej Arsovski, Ph.D., admissions expert & senior scientist
Dr. Karim Wafa, M.D., admissions expert 
Dr. Jenifer Truong, M.D., admissions expert
Dr. Lauren Colbert, M.D., admissions expert